Welcome to SonoCable.

In the audio world, there are cable manufacturers that are only concerned about the way their cable looks, and use this method of approach to produce a cable that many call "audio jewelry" and nothing else. There are other manufacturers that make cables that are none too pleasing to the eye, yet perform great. Chances are, they don't have the level of value our cables offer you.

We strive to create a wonderfully musical cable that looks good, yet won't break the bank. We use top grade materials and build the cables to audiophile specifications, using only the best materials for the money. We don't have the advertising and packaging overhead of large companies, nor do we have their bloated multi-level distribution networks. We are able to offer you the highest quality materials at realistic prices. We don't hide what is inside our cables. Take a look at what we have to offer!

Our cables are built right on the west cost of Canada, and tested on three different stereo rigs that we have set up. We test the cables with tube as well as solid state electronics to maximize system synergy. This ensures that you will get a cable that sounds fantastic with your system, we guarantee it.

Please take some time and browse our products, and do not hesitate to email us with any questions you may have. We take custom orders and will be releasing some Statement products soon, so please stay tuned! Thank you again for visiting Sonocable.

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