Pure Solid Silver Wire: Our SonoSilver line of cables uses ultra high quality pure silver conductors. Silver is the most electrically conductive metal, even more so than copper, and is considered by many to have the richest and most detailed sonic properties.

Our SonoSilver line uses 4N 99.99% pure silver that is hand-drawn from a single crystal to exacting tolerances and cryogenically treated. The entire wire is then treated with Caig ProGold and hand-threaded in Teflon dielectric for reduced time smear. Teflon is considered one of the best insulation materials available because it's dielectric constant is close to that of air, the best dielectric. Our statement cable, the SonoStatement, uses 5N silver, which is 99.999% pure.

Silver Plated High Purity Copper Wire: Our SonoSeraph line of cables uses very high specification Silver plated Copper Wire. Due to a phenomenon known as skin effect, high frequencies travel along the outside of the cable. Plating the outside of the cable with silver allows maximum preservation of high frequencies without the high cost of pure silver.

As with our SonoSilver line, these wires are all insulated with PTFE Teflon as well for maximum durability and performance. Silver plated cable that is insulated with Teflon performs better than plain copper as Teflon can chemically react with the copper and cause it to oxidize, deteriorating the high frequency response of the cable in the long term.

High Purity Copper Wire: Our SonoSpec line of cables uses various types of high quality oxygen-free copper wire. Among them are Linear Crystal Oxygen Free Copper (LC-OFC) which is a very high grade of copper that uses long-grain linear crystals resulting in a mirror smooth surface. The High Frequency signals travel on the surface of the cable because of skin effect, and becausethis Process extrudes a single grain of copper to up to 130mm long, the surface is smoother for less high frequency distortion.

Cable Geometry

We offer cables in balanced twisted pair and other types of Litzendraht braided geometry for increased common mode rejection. Some of our cables also incorporate telescoping ground wires for reduced RFI. Directional indicators will be present on all cables.

Silver cables are available in a superior 8 conductor Litzendraht braid which increases bandwidth for superior bass performance while reducing the negative aspects of skin effect.


All our cables are hand assembled and terminated with the utmost care and precision. They are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year after purchase to the original owner.

Caig Progold: All connectors are treated with Caig Progold before being shipped out. This revolutionary product protects the metal from oxidization and improves the conductivity of the connector. It also reduces wear and abrasion of the connector while maintaining optimal signal quality. Additionally, all silver cables are treated with ProGold from tip to end prior to being threaded.

Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder: All our cables are constructed with Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder. According to George Cardas, "Eutectic solder is a special mixture. The melting point of a eutectic solder is lower than any of its component parts, so there is no slurry state in these solders. They solidify as one piece and make a true solder joint, not a connection."

"Properly done, Quadeutectic joints provide the best sound with the lowest noise and contact resistance; all with absolute reliability." Read more about George's observations on Eutectic solder here.

Cryogenic Treatment

All our cables benefit from the Vari-Cold Cryogenic treatment process. It is a 2-phase procedure that takes approximately 72 hours to complete, bringing the temperature of the materials down to -320°F. The cryogenic chamber remains 100% moisture free during the process for maximum results.

The wear resistance of the connectors and cable are increased substantially with this process, as are the sonics. Metal fatigue in particular from bending cables and plugging in RCA connectors will be reduced substantially and abrasion on the connectors will also be lessened due to the cryo treatment.

Since all of are cables are made to order with parts that we carry in stock, it is not feasilble to cryo treat cables after manufacture since delivery times and costs would increase dramatically. Instead, we have our parts cryogenically treated prior to the manufacture of the cables. We feel this is the best compromise between practicality and performance.

RCA Connctors

Most Our cables are terminated with high quality gold-plated solid machined 67% copper alloy RCA plugs. These plugs make a solid connection with almost any RCA jack and strike an excellent balance between performance and price. These were custom made to our specs and have some of the thickest walls we've ever seen for durability.

Our Statement cable is terminated with solid copper, silver-plated RCAs. These represent some of the best materials available for RCA Connectors, for the ultimate in sonic euphoria.

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