Below are some testimonials from a few satisfied customers.

"I have been very pleased with your Stradivarious cables in comparison to my Kimber 4tc's. Thank again for your excellent service and consultation. These cables has taken my system up a notch in terms of musicality and enjoyment.

The first impression I had was an increase in high frequency resolution and coherence. This was not accompanied by any extra brightness. As you said before, the low level ambient details improved markedly.

Soundstaging improved in terms of depth. I can make out more details from the back of the soundstage than before. The width and height did not differ from the 4tc's.

Bass also improved a bit with more weight accompanied again with increased detail and texture.

In summary, an excellent budget speaker cable which beats out what many audiophiles consider to be a budget reference by a significant margin in my system."

Carl K., Canada

"...Did 'Night Train' ever come alive! The bass line sounded more fluid and full. The brashness I heard earlier was gone. The overall sound was more refined and enjoyable. The SonoSonic still rendered the crystal clear highs with lots of detail. It’s just that it sounded a lot more natural or lifelike – less sterile if you will. What impressed me the most though was that by simply adding the Luxman and its tone controls, the bass I was missing before had rematerialized. It made my puny little Dreamcatchers sound twice as big. Subsequent albums I played with this set-up sounded just as good. In fact, the sound is so good that I would almost be certainly seeking other LPs to play so that (to use an oft-used cliché) I can hear things on them that I never heard before.

So my final thoughts are that the SonoSonic really gives me the sound and the flexibility I was looking for at what I think is a killer price. It’s a great rig that puts my current solid state amp to shame with its clarity and detail and lack of noise. It has convinced me to play vinyl now more for the high fidelity sound quality than for nostalgia’s sake."

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Chris K., Canada

"I finally had the time and inclination to do some serious listening to my system since the addition of the custom made preamp I ordered from you into my "rig'.

It is impossible for me to use the type of hyperbole most men would in expressing their feelings in this regard - I am "Old School". So let me say this:

In listening to the system, I was extremely impressed with the clarity of the preamp. As an example, let me state that my Rothwell Attenuators, which I previously thought of as nearly inaudible in their effect are now completely useless to me. They are a wonderful product, and highly effective, but in this context they are woefully veiled when compared to the preamp directly connected to the source itself. When listening to Anne Sophie Mutter playing Tchaikovski's Violin Concerto, I was reminded of something. Music is not just a bunch of instruments playing together, it is is PEOPLE playing instruments in unison to communicate emotion, to tell a tale, to convey an image. I was swept into the experience, and the detailing was so clear that I could hear Ms. Mutter's violin resonate as she played, its "voice" expanding and contracting as the notes became louder, deeper, or softer, mellower. Her control of the instument would be nothing if she were just a technician, and not a master of her instrument's intonations - its "voice". The experience was startling in its immediacy, and depth of emotion, reminding me its all about the MUSIC, and everything else is just a means to an end. If this doesn't tell anyone what a great job you have done in creating this preamp, I don't know what will.

Thank You. Very Much."

Ray P., New Jersy

"My initial listening to them late last night was simply "jaw-dropping"!! At first, I thought that they might be a little "bright sounding" but the more I listened the more I realized that it wasn't "bright" it was "unveiling" and "not smeared" anymore. The bass is simply awesome - tight, strong and plenty of SNAP! I just received my DREAM pressing (import - German DECCA?) of Moody Blues "A Question of balance" (right from the U.K.). The new clarity, focus, detail, and frequency extension that your new cables added, along with an excellent pressing of this record, was simply stunning! No more washed out sounding, over-mixed, processed, "blah" music - instead this album sounded like you were in the recording booth with them in 1970. All of the mixes, over-tracks, instruments and vocals came ALIVE and I could appreciate why the songs had been "produced" the way that they were. On Pierre Bensusan's "Musiques" LP his guitar playing was so life-like (even on a cheap, American (Rounder Records) made LP - the original is a French import (Cezame)) that it was as if he sat down in front of me and started playing! The only "clue" that it was not "live" is all of the over-dubbing, panning, and multi-tracking used. Even on lesser LPs - next to last pressing issuance of Jefferson Airplane's "Surrealistic Pillow" - the sound was focused, detailed, and musical with great bass extension and presence. The only other instance I know of this type of sound is my friend's MAGNAN cables which are extremely expensive (made by David Magnan in California)."

Tom M., Maryland

"One thing I noticed last night was how quiet the background is now. Dead quiet. That's a first for me. I also love the volume control, so much more room to adjust than I've been used to. The sound is a little more laid back than my Norh but I like this. And even though it is laidback it is still more precise and focused... this is really great sounding. I'd buy it just for the bass. I listen mostly to jazz and acoustic bass is one of the first things I listen for now. Much more articulate even at low volumes than my Norh tube pre. I'm hearing more detail as well."

Norman T., Seattle

"I received the cables today and have them plugged in. I popped in Sting's "All This Time" DVD and confirmed that I made a great purchase. The one selling feature that the Dreamcatchers had that made me purchase them was their imaging. They were described as being "holographic" point source monitors. Well, I never really experienced that kind of imaging until now. They were always good but they kind of hinted at the imaging more than they actually achieved it. With your cables, the Sting DVD really came to life for me - keep in mind, I thought my Rotel really improved the surround experience on that DVD over my old Pioneer receiver too. Now, things seem even more natural, even more smooth, even more like real life. I believe that I'm now able to hear those speakers at their very best. Well . . . maybe a nice Krell amp would make a difference too but that's certainly not in the budget. ;-)"
Chris K., Canada

"...I have had my [SonoSilence One] preamp at home for about 2 weeks. It has 40-50 hours on it. We think the caddocks are / were slow to break in as sound really did not get magical sparkle that I had with demo preamp until about 40 hours. But wow after it opened up. Again I am coming off a warmish tube preamp but for me the sound I am getting is:

very clear clean with lots of details and sparkling dynamics
tight tight bass - I now know what tight bass means, but miss some of the boom especially with movies
great listening at low volume levels but also none of the lack of dynamics I thought I might get from a passive

it sounds great with jazz and folk - guitars being strummed never sounded this real in my system. But ditto for loud guitar crunch of Jack White (White Stripes) or Howe Gelb (Giant Sand). Female voices are wonderful too - one of my favourites is Beady Belle - kind of modern dance jazz group from Sweden I think ... pure silk is her voice. In fact only down is my speakers can be pretty revealing too (Ellis Audios) and bad sounding cds tend to sound worse - more harsh. Just the facts sir."

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David S., Canada

"The sono[silver] select had made a big difference with regard to the sense of fullness available to my system, with bass, drums, and vocals becoming richer and more present in the room. For the first time, I could feel the music vibrating things in the room! The highs picked up as well, previously they felt as though a heavy bowling ball was sitting on the high-mids, seriously affecting vocals, and making the highs rather unpleasant at higher volumes.

The overall effect was pleasing and a relief that I did not necessarily need to go out and drop another few K to get the music I wanted. They had their limitations however - some music sounded a little muddy, and the highs needed more resolution. Brant Bjork's Local Angel sounded amazing, because it's all big fuzzy bass, but most everything else was a bit underwater. I wanted bass and refinement.

Whe I initially plugged in the SonoSilver select, I knew immediately that I had the resolving detail I was looking for, but would the bass follow? Would the highs be too bright? It's taken some time, but the bass is substantial, and more controlled, with the highs clean and sweet. I had never heard Miles Davis' trumpet sound so clear and personal. I believe that I could even hear a new sound in there, like maybe lips vibrating against the mouthpiece, I'm not entirely sure. Totally different experience. You would not believe how many times I've swapped the cables back and forth, I am certain that the silvers are a vast improvement."

Mike R, Canada

"...So now came the switch to the SonoSpec Select. It Did Not take long to realize the difference in the sound it was making in my system. Two things struck me immediately: 1 - The previous forward, bright sound had changed. An obvious change not "my imagination change." It was smoother and warmer, more than I had expected or hoped for. And 2 - "Holy cow, where did this extra bass come from." I had never felt that my system lacked bass, but it was now deeper and extended without boominess. In fact it took me a couple of songs to stop focusing on this extra bass and just try and settle down to letting the music play. No doubt about it, the music was smoother and warmer...."

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Lu, Canada

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