Very few composers truly represented their country the way Sibelius represented Finland. In fact, many would say that Jean Sibelius was the symbol of Finnish determination and creativity. Already the cable and the composer have much in common.

The SonoSibelius is perhaps one of the best digital cables I have ever heard, with timing, pace and soundstage typical of a cable several times it's price. All parts of our cables are cryogenically treated prior to assembly.

With a silver-plated copper braided 95% shield and a teflon insulated silver-plated center conductor, the SonoSibelius has what it takes to improve the dynamic contrasts of all your music, Sibelius included. It is optimized for high-bandwidth data transfer with a 75ohm characteristic impedance, ensuring low structure return loss.

This cable is terminated with heavy-duty, gold-plated, copper alloy split-tip RCA plugs and soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder.

SonoSibelius 1.5 feet $90
SonoSibelius 3 feet $105
Additional foot $30

For each additional foot of cable, add one "Additional Foot" into your cart. For a more detailed explanation, click here.
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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