SonoSonic Stereo Amplifier

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Are you looking for clean, audiophile quality amplification at an affordable price? The SonoSonic does just that! Based on the Tripath T2024 Chip, the SonoSonic provides high quality sound at 9 watts per channel into 4 ohms all in the same compact attractive chassis as the SonoSilence One!

This is an extremely "fast" amplifier that is load invariant so it sounds clean across the entire frequency range unlike many tube amplifiers which can't handle impedance swings in speakers very well. The sound of these chips has been compared to some of the best SET tube amplifiers in the world!

This chip has been making waves throughout the audiophile community with words like "Giant-Killer" used quite liberally. This takes the design a step further by adding a massive oversized 4700uF Rubycon capacitor with a Wima MKP 0.022uF bypass capacitor on the power input and 2 Solen metalized polypropelene capacitors on the signal input.

The connectors on the back are high quality gold-plated binding posts and copper alloy chassis-mount gold-plated RCAs.

9 watts into 4 ohms and 6 watts into 8ohms should be enough to power 90db sensitive speakers to very loud levels in medium to large sized rooms.

There are many options for this amplifier, including an optional volume/gain control, pure silver wiring, and caddock resistors on the input and MIT Multicaps on the input. Connector upgrades include solid copper-alloy binding posts and solid copper direct gold-plate RCA jacks.

If you are partial to a different type of capacitor, we can special order in Mundorf Supreme, Auricaps, Hovland Musicaps, and other typs of audiophile grade caps. Please email us with any questions.

A new power supply upgrade is available and will also allow use of these as monoblock amplifiers! All use matching chassis!

BONUS: For a limited time, purchase a SonoSilence One with the SonoSonic and receive a free SonoSpec 1.5ft Cable and receive 10% off your purchase! Email me for details.

Basic SonoSonic $350
Volume Control Upgrade $25
Solid Copper Alloy Binding Post Upgrade $20
Solid Silver Wire Upgrade $15
Continuous Cast Copper Wire Upgrade $10
Solid Copper RCA Upgrade $25
Caddock Resistor Upgrade $15
MIT Multicap Upgrade $25
Dynamat Sound Dampening Interior $5
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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