SonoSilence One

The SonoSilence One is our "flagship" Passive Volume Control. Utilizing an Alps blue velvet potentiometer and pure silver plated copper internal wiring, this preamp is sure to perform amongst the best preamplifiers out there. The entire unit is hand-wired point-to-point for the ultimate in sound quality.

The Blue Velvet pot allows for accuracy between channels when changing the volume, and the series/shunt-to-ground design allows the signal to travel through only 1 Kiwame Carbon Film resistor per channel. The design is simple, but here at SonoCable we make sure the product is built properly and performs flawlessly.

Other features are solid heavy duty gold plated copper cryo treated RCA jacks chassis mounted on the rear (above picture is shown with upgraded Copper RCA Jacks*), beautiful brass* or aluminum volume knob, extruded aluminum case with feet, and a microswitch or Alps rotary switch* to allow for a additional inputs.

Many options are available for this preamp including knobs and type of wiring. We offer silver plated copper and silver wiring, all cryo treated. We recommend matching the wiring to your cables, since the passive preamplifier is an "extension" of your cable.

We are now offering Bybee Slipstream Purifier upgrades to the SonoSilence One, taking it to another level! The upgrade will include installing two Purifiers into the signal path, one for each channel.

NEW! Dynamat-lined interior is also an availble option and reduces chassis resonance and adds weight to the preamp.

*Items marked with an Asterisk are options.

Basic SonoSilence One $175
Brass Knob Upgrade $10
Solid Silver Wire Upgrade $25
Continuous Cast Copper Wire Upgrade $10
Solid Copper RCA Upgrade $75
Caddock Resistor Upgrade $10
Dynamat Sound Dampening Interior $5
Bybee Slipstreem Purifier Upgrade $250
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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