SonoStradivarious III

Our new SonoStradivarious III speaker cable is the most refined speaker cable we have offered. Each cable is is a pseudo-litzendraht braid in a double-helix configuration with an aggregate gauge of 13AWG per side. The special geometry and dielectricf material of this cable allows reduction of skin effect resulting in smoother highs.

The cable features the wood bolo used in the SonoSilver Select speaker cable, and has been cryo-treated for maximum performance. High purity 9N pure Copper is used in the construction of these cables, with perfect surface for distortion-free music reproduction.

Deep, clear bass and smooth non-fatiguing highs, with the refinement of pure silver. All at a price that won't break the bank. This cable is only offered in Single wire configuration, but can be used as a Biwire cable if a second pair is purchased with spades instead of bananas on the amp end. Please note if spades are required as bananas will be used unless specified otherwise.

The cable is terminated with gold-plated solid copper-alloy banana plugs on both ends, and then treated with Caig Progold.

SonoStradivarious III Single 6 Foot Pair $455
Additional foot $60

For each additional foot of cable, add one "Additional Foot" into your cart. For a more detailed explanation, click here.
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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