Named after the famous Russian Composer Igor Stravinsky, this ambitious digital cable attempts to recreate the musical event in a way even Mr. Stravinsky himself would have been proud. Unlike Stravinsky, however, our digital cable plays much more than just classical music. Imagine wonderful preservation of the digital signal on all your music from rock and roll to jazz at a price anyone can afford... Now you have it: The SonoStravinksy.

The SonoStravinsky is a 75ohm Digital Coaxial Cable with a solid high-purity, solid-core copper center conductor and tinned Copper Braid. A high air content PFE Insulator surrounds the signal conductor for a low dielectric constant. The cable and connectors are all cryo treated prior to assembly.

The cable is terminated with gold-plated Split-tip copper alloy RCA plugs and soldered with Cardas Quad Eutectic Solder.

This cable is no longer in production.

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