Finally, the long-awaited SonoStradivarious speaker cable has arrived! 4 separate conductors made of cryo-treated very high specification teflon-insulated, silver-clad copper wire are used for each cable, providing very high bandwidth and crystal clear highs. Aggregate gauge is 15AWG per pole, which is more than enough for most applications, and in fact, produces better results with most monitors. Oversized speaker cable can often cause a lack of definition in the sound.

For larger guage, the Biwire Shotgunned SonoStradivarious will have an aggregate gauge of 12AWG. This will have the ultimate in detail retrieval and maximum current delivery.

Compared to similar priced cables, we have found that the detail retrieval of the Stradivarious is superior with a tight and articulate bass. None of that bloat that plagues many copper cables.

The cable is terminated with gold-plated high pressure banana plugs (spades optional) on both ends, and then treated with Caig Progold.

SonoStradivarious 6 Foot Biwire Pair $260
Additional Biwire foot $40

For each additional foot of cable, add one "Additional Foot" into your cart. For a more detailed explanation, click here.
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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