SonoSupply High Current Power Supply

The SonoSupply is a High Current power supply upgrade that provides two 12v regulated outputs via a high quality toroidal dual power supply. Two independantly regulated and filtered 12v supplies give your SonoSonic and future products* the juice they need.

The power is filtered by low ESR electrolytics bypassed with Wima MKP capactitors for clean, consistant power. All housed in a matching chassis slightly larger than the ones used for the SonoSonic and SonoSilence One.

Improvements to the overall sound of the SonoSonic are significant, adding more weight to the bass, and more clarity and low-level detail. Included are an IEC power cord and 2 DC coaxial cords--upgrading these cords also provides sonic improvements.

Additionally, the SonoSonic Amplifier may be ordered as a monoblock amplifier using only one side and powering both using the SonoSupply. Please email me for details on this configuration.

BONUS: For a limited time, purchase a SonoSonic with the SonoSupply and receive a free upgraded silver-clad copper DC Power Cable and receive 10% off your purchase! Add a SonoSilence and receive 10% off that as well and a free pair of 1.5ft SonoSpec cables! Email me for details.

*Some future SonoCable products will also be compatible this power supply.

SonoSupply $265
Black Gate Upgrade $45
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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