SonoStasis MM Phono Preamplifer

Faced with the challenge of creating a phono stage that was small, affordable and musical, the SonoStasis was born. Built with a minimum number of parts to maintain the purity of signal, it is able to fit into the same chassis as the SonoSonic and SonoSilence.

Utilizing only a single gain stage parts count was kept low, and consequently, high quality parts can be used at low cost. Vishay capacitors are used in the RIAA equalization and Solen capacitors are used for output coupling. All resistors used throughout are high quality carbon film and hand matched prior to assembly.

There are many upgrade options available for the SonoStasis that bring it to the next level of performance. These include solid copper RCA upgrades, MIT Multicap Upgrades, Caddock resistor Upgrades (in the RIAA) and Opamp upgrades. The most dramatic sonic improvement comes with the OPA627 opamp upgrade. The resulting sonics are outstanding!

Another upgrade which produces excellent results is the Opamp upgrade. Replacing the stock opamp with a pair of Burr-Brown OPA627 Audiophile opamps results in a huge improvement in sound.

Gain: 40db
Input Impedance: 47K

The unit is equiped with solid copper-alloy chassis mounted RCA plugs, a grounding post for your turntable and a power jack. All connectors will be treated with Caig Progold prior to shipment.

Basic SonoStasis MM $250
Solid Silver Wire Upgrade $25
Solid Copper RCA Upgrade $60
Dual Burr-Brown OPA627 Opamp Upgrade $90
RIAA Stage MIT Multicap Upgrade $50
Output Coupling MIT Multicap Upgrade $40
Dynamat Sound Dampening Interior $5
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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