SonoStradivarious II

Due to popular demand, we have a new cable to fill the need for a high current large gauge speaker cable, that is the SonoStradivarious II. With an aggregate gauge of 11AWG, you certainly won't have to worry about any shortage.

Great current delivery and quality construction give this cable an extremely well-balanced and rich sound that's easy on the ears. Tremendous bass with excellent detail at an affordable price.

The SonoStradivarious II is made with 4 stranded pure copper conducters in a double helix geometry, all cryo-treated for ultimate signal conductivity. Available as a 11AWG single wire speaker cable or bi-wire speaker cable. Optional spades are also available--Please note in paypal payment when ordering.

The cable is terminated with gold-plated solid copper-alloy banana plugs on both ends, and then treated with Caig Progold.

SonoStradivarious II Single 6 Foot Pair $275
SonoStradivarious II Biwire 6 Foot Pair $295
Additional foot $45

For each additional foot of cable, add one "Additional Foot" into your cart. For a more detailed explanation, click here.
Prices shown in Canadian Dollars.

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